Capture Your Grief 2017 Day 4: Belonging


#captureyourgrief 2017 Day 4: Belonging. I will forever be grateful for the baby loss community and the support I have found there. Through Capture Your Grief, Social Media, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s support group Together in the Loss of a Child, I have found my post-loss mama tribe…. it’s not what I ever imagined, but I truly believe each person who I have connected with through this community in the past 3 years can be credited with why I am still here, still breathing, still fighting, still and forever working to #breakthesilence surrounding infant and pregnancy loss. 3 years ago I felt so incredibly broken and so incredibly alone. Broken still? Perhaps…. Alone? Never… there is an instant connection you make with someone when you share the story of your babies, and they say ‘me too…’ It doesn’t matter if it’s the clerk at the post office you met as you dropped off donation gifts on your daughters’ first birthday in Heaven, or the elderly patient at work who says ‘wow I haven’t told anyone about my first born in 65 years until now’, or the long lost classmate from high school who now ‘gets it’, or the person you ‘met’ in an online support group for loss moms… There is an instant and forever bond- a sisterhood of loss mamas- and a comfort that comes along with the thought ‘wow she gets it….’ Thank you to each of you for helping to heal my heart.


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