Capture Your Grief 2017 Day 7: For the First Time


#captureyourgrief 2017 Day 7: For the First Time. The topic today asked you to chose something to do for the first time, as a representative of continuing to live life the way your baby would have wanted you to… but this just seemed too fitting as a sign, considering I had been trying to think of something to try ‘for the first time’ for a couple days leading up to this.

For the first time today, I dreamed of my girls. I woke up early in the morning knowing I had just been dreaming about 2 female cardinals. I always imagined that when I finally dreamed of them I would be able to see what they would look like today, and who took after who…. but I didn’t feel disappointed. It just felt ‘right’- like waking up feeling a little lighter than I do most days.

Later on in the day my mom was visiting and points out the window and says “look at those 2 female cardinals on the fence!”

There’s just not words. I often seek out signs and then find disappointment- desire for ‘more’ from them…. today I was not disappointed.
(This photo is from Huntings Island SC last summer…. I wasn’t able to snap a picture in the moment this time- but I think it was better this time to live in itπŸ’›πŸ’›)

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